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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

JC: Misha: Radiation Generated by the Ultrafast Migration of a Positive Charge Following the Ionization of a Molecular System

Electronic many-body effects alone can be the driving force for an ultrafast migration of a positive charge created upon ionization of molecular systems. Here we show that this purely electronic phenomenon generates a characteristic IR radiation. The situation when the initial ionic wave packet is produced by a sudden removal of an electron is also studied. It is shown that in this case a much stronger UV emission is generated. This emission appears as an ultrafast response of the remaining electrons to the perturbation caused by the sudden ionization and as such is a universal phenomenon to be expected in every multielectron system.
What I want everyone to think about is:
- What is the role of the detached electron that they have completely neglected?
- Can this radiation be observed, and if yes, will it be coherent?
PPT slides to follow...#

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