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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

DM: Leszek: Partial Covariance Mapping -- an experimental technique for FELs

* covariance mapping principle and its relation to coincidences [1,3]
* three- and higher-fold covariance [2]
* what is partial covariance and why is it useful?
* the noise from uncorrelated background (false coincidences)
* can partial covariance mapping be generalised to multi-fold correlations?
The introduction is going to be brief - really, the audience should be familiar with earlier work:

1. .Covariance Mapping: A Correlation Method Applied to Multiphoton Multiple Ionisation. L J Frasinski, K Codling and P A Hatherly Science 246 1029.1031 (1989)
2. .Multiphoton multiple ionisation of N2O probed by three-dimensional covariance mapping. L J Frasinski, P A Hatherly and K Codling Physics Letters A 156 227.232 (1991)
3. .Covariance mapping and triple coincidence techniques applied to multielectron dissociative ionization. L J Frasinski, A J Giles, P A Hatherly, J H Posthumus, M R Thompson and K Codling J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. 79 367.371 (1996)
PDFs for the papers as we don't have access to Physics Letters A... PPT slides to follow...

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